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Fish Room Project Updates

Vortech MP40W ES Pump Placement

I sent my MP40W’s into EcoTech Marine for the “ES” upgrade. The new controller boxes seem to have more wireless range than the old boxes. 🙂 I couldn’t quite span the 90 inch distance before.

Vortech MP40W ES Pump at Night

The pumps look kind of cool at night.

175 Gallon RO Water Storage Container

Filling up the 175 gallon RO storage container. I placed an air stone inside the container for water movement.

Egg Crate substrate base for the Aquarium

I put a layer of egg crate down beneath the sand substrate to keep the rocks off the glass. The cutout is to go around the overflow box.


EcoTech Marine/IceCap Battery Backup Cord Recall

I just got my replacement VorTech MP40w backup battery cables in the mail from EcoTech Marine.  It appears they used too small of a gauge cable and the original cables were heating up, possibly even a fire hazard. The new replacement cables have an in-line fuse (pictured below) and probably are made with a little bit bigger cable or better quality. You can purchase them directly from EcoTech for around $2 or go through the recall process.

I had a little trouble getting my two cables replaced (More here…) but in the long run, EcoTech Marine helped me out. Thanks Jeff Merten!

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