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Orange Pincushion Urchin Walking All Over Squamosa Clam

After the lights went out on the tank I noticed the pincushion urchin (added last week) walking directly over one of the clams.  My first instinct was to get in there and pull it off but I decided to wait and see if the urchin did anything destructive. After what seemed an eternity, the urchin made his way across the top of the clam and on to “greener pastures.” The squami was fine. 🙂

Orange Pincushion Urchin on Squamosa Clam

Pincushion Hairy Sea Urchin (Tripneustes gratilla)

Got an orange pincushion sea urchin from my LFS (Reefmissoula) on Wednesday.  He’s pretty cool to watch. 🙂

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