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NWMRC Meeting – Charlie Ehler’s 300 gallon SPS Tank – Part 2

Just wanted to follow up from the first post and put up some pictures. Charlie had a lot of various Acropora and Montipora corals in his system.


12-21-2010 Saltwater Aquarium Compilation

Another update video of the display tank.  A chance to get you classical music fix. Also, I’ve added quite a few new photos to my Flickr page, check them out!

12-12-2010 Update Videos

Here’s an update video of the display tank and of a Peacock (Clown) Mantis Shrimp that I’m putting in the refugium.

2-1-10 Reef Tank Compilation Update

A short update video of my saltwater tank.

1-26-10 Saltwater Aquarium Videos

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