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Aquarium Update Photos

Thought I would toss up a couple recent photos. I really like the one of the serpent star using corals to climb the wall.

Serpant Starfish Grows a Leg (update)

Serpent Starfish Growing New Leg

Well if you read my serpent starfish post a few months ago (1-27-2012) here’s an update.  The leg that dropped off is still rolling around in the tank. Not exactly sure where it is but I saw it a few days ago. The starfish on the other hand is growing another leg in its place.  Kind of neat to be able to regenerate body parts. 🙂

Easter Weekend Aquarium Update Photos & RO

Between reloading and hitting the range this weekend I took a few update pictures of the tank. Oh and I also ordered a new BRS 75 GPD RO/DI 6 Stage Deluxe System as the Easter Bunny thought I should upgrade 😉 (it was actually about time to replace the membrane and filter).

As for the tank, everything seems happy. The Achilles and the Rabbitfish are even getting a long most of the time. It’s kind of funny but the leg that the Serpent Starfish lost is still moving round on the bottom of the tank. It actually looks like the starfish is growing another leg (pictures), I wonder if the leg will try to grow another body, lol.

Reef Tank - Aquarium Update Picture 4-6-2012

Serpent Starfish Lost a Leg

Looking at the tank yesterday morning I noticed my serpent star’s leg (dropped a couple days ago) was sitting on the bottom of the tank and appeared to be feeding!  I took a couple videos trying to show the tentacles moving, best when viewed full screen.  The starfish has been in the tank since it was started up 4 years ago, so I am really surprised that he’s still around.  Not sure how good of a scavenger he is as I feed him a piece of shrimp every couple of days (when I feed the zebra eel).

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