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Green Hair Algae REMOVAL – Dolabella Sea Hare (Dolabella auricularia)

The Dolabella Sea Hare is the horse of the sea! I’ve had quite a few of them over the years and they do one heck of a job cleaning up the green hair algae in the tank. The only problem is that they will starve if you don’t continue to feed them or find friends with tanks full of food so keep that in mind.

New Dolabella Sea Hare

Dolabella Sea Hare

To help combat my green hair algae problem I decided to pick up another dolabella sea hare. I haven’t seen the last one for a couple weeks now. I’m also not sure how long they live as I’ve had him for quite some time.

Yeah… I fit there – Dolabella Sea Hare

Dolabella Sea Hare Squeeze

Thought this was kind of funny. Our Dolabella Sea Hare seems to think he/she can fit anywhere. I’m surprised the digitata coral didn’t break!  It reminds me of when our 90 lb. dogs put their head on our laps then look up with the expression, I can fit on your lap… lol.

Feeding a Dolabella Sea Hare

This guy is pretty entertaining. After slowly moving around the tank he made his way up the overflow and found the honey hole of green hair algae.

Dolabella Sea Hare (Dolabella auricularia)

A couple of new additions to the tank.  I’ve had Dolabella Sea Hares in the past and they did a great job of consuming green hair algae.  They tend to bury themselves during the evening or put their heads in a hole while they sleep.  Up close they kind of look like a horse, lol.

Closeup (notice his little eye)

Acclimating the two sea

1-27-12 UPDATE Photos: After a day or so of hiding, both sea hares are out and exploring for algae 🙂

A little bagpipe action!

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