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BRS GFO Reactor

Got a new toy to add to the system. Hopefully this BRS GFO reactor will knock the heck out of the green hair algae in the long run. More picture when I get it set up! 🙂

BRS GFO Dual Reactor


Fish Room Project Updates

Vortech MP40W ES Pump Placement

I sent my MP40W’s into EcoTech Marine for the “ES” upgrade. The new controller boxes seem to have more wireless range than the old boxes. 🙂 I couldn’t quite span the 90 inch distance before.

Vortech MP40W ES Pump at Night

The pumps look kind of cool at night.

175 Gallon RO Water Storage Container

Filling up the 175 gallon RO storage container. I placed an air stone inside the container for water movement.

Egg Crate substrate base for the Aquarium

I put a layer of egg crate down beneath the sand substrate to keep the rocks off the glass. The cutout is to go around the overflow box.

Don’t Overfill Your RO DI Resin Filters!

I was changing my Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) RO DI resin here a bit ago and couldn’t get the filter out of the canister.  Looks like I put too much resin into the filter and is swelled up! I had to take a screw driver to the bottom of the filter to get the resin out. Lesson learned.

Swollen RO DI Resin Canister

Swollen RO DI Resin Canister

Swollen RO DI Resin Canister

Swollen RO DI Resin Canister

Swollen RO DI Resin Canister

Swollen RO DI Resin Canister

Green Hair Algae, It’s That Time Again…

Over the past couple weeks I’ve noticed a few crops of green hair algae popping up in the tank. My first reaction to algae is to check my water quality. After seeing my water quality seemed normal I was a bit stumped. So, I changed my RO filters (sediment and carbon) when I first noticed the issue, then changed my DI filter resin (even though my TDS was 0) here last week. Then I tossed out all my top-off water to start out with the “new” stuff. So here’s a picture of one spot where it’s kind of bad. It’s a little over-exposed but it highlights the algae. Hopefully after a week or two I will see a noticeable difference.

Green Hair Algae


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