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Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Hood Doors

I added a piece of wood between the two hood doors so that it would keep the light from shinning through when closed.

Fish Tank Lighting

Using a couple metal brackets and a metal closet bar from Home Depot I made a place to hang the lights from.

Built in Saltwater Aquarium Hood

Looking good. Just need to find some hinges.

Aquarium Lighting Change – Day to Evening

Here’s the lighting change that occurs at 9 PM. I really enjoy watching the tank when only the actinic lights are on (early in the morning and late in the day).

Marine Betta, Marine Fish, Betta, Marine, Saltwater Tank


Marine Betta


Day Light, T5, Lighting


Day Light & Actinic T5s on.

Actinic, T5, Lighting, Giesemann


Actinic T5 Lights on

Rabbitfish, Actinic Lighting, T5, Reef Tank


Rabbitfish saying “Boo!”

Actinic Aquarium Lighting

Giesemann T5 Powerchrome Actinic Lighting - Pure Actinic, Actinic+

A few photos of the actinic lights turning on in the morning. This is the first and last series of lights to be on each day. Lots of blue and purple! The bulbs are Giesemann T5 Powerchrome Pure Actinic & Actinic+.

Metal Halides vs. LEDs on Your Saltwater Tank?

Saw this video on YouTube and thought I would share.  I currently run Metal Halides, T5s and a splash of LED’s but as the cost of LED units goes down I will seriously look at changing over to all LEDs.

New Ushio 14K HQI Bulbs (3-150 Watt)….Then XM

Put 3 new 150 watt Ushio 14K HQI bulbs in yesterday. Things look a lot brighter but a little more yellow than my original OEM Current bulbs. Hope I didn’t make the wrong decision as I don’t really care for the yellowish glow. I thought about trying XMs, maybe next time… We’ll see what they look like after the break in period. Pictures soon to come.

Update: July 12, 2010.

So after a month the Ushio bulbs didn’t change much in color. One of the bulbs was actually a different color than the other two, more white. I was hoping the other two were going to change to this whiter color after the break-in period but it didn’t happen and I was tired of waiting. I contacted Dan at Reefmissoula (LFS), who I purchased the bulbs from, and he spoke with his supplier who in turn decided to replaced the bulbs. 🙂 I was very happy at that moment! I hesitated to ask for another set of Ushios so I asked for a set of XM 15K bulbs. I’ve had the XM bulbs in my tank for a couple months now and must say I love the color. I’m not sure the XMs are quite as bright as the Ushios in my Current USA fixture, but they’re close. I’m very happy with my XM bulbs!

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