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Red Hawkfish (Cyprinocirrhites polyactus)

Red Hawkfish (Cyprinocirrhites polyactus), Saltwater Aquarium,  Reef Tank

Our Red Hawkfish has been a great addition to our reef tank. Always perching and checking things out.


90 Gallon Refugium Update

Red Mushroom Corals

An update post of our 90 gallon refugium. I don’t see it very often with the lights on as it’s reverse lit (11:30 PM – 7:00 AM). I really like how big the mushrooms are when the lights (48″ Tek Light T5) are on. The mushrooms kind of cover up the mantis shrimp’s PVC cave system.

Open Brain Coral Time Lapse Video

I came across this time lapse video I took of my open brain coral (Red Wellsophyllia) a while ago, thought I would share.

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