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Stormy Weather and Down Power Lines… Do you have a generator for your fish tank?

With all of the bad weather lately it’s a good idea to have a generator or backup power source on hand. One of my friends, who lives in a remote location, had some bad weather the other day that knocked his power out for 9+ hours. Luckily for him he had a generator to run his tank’s pumps and heaters. Lack of water circulation will kill corals in a hurry!

Personally, I have a large UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to protect against power surges and short-term power outages.  I also have backup batteries on my VorTech MP-40 pumps to keep them running for up to 30 hours. My UPS will keep my big return pumps going for 20+ minutes which is longer than most power interruptions in our town.

What is your fish tank plan for a power outage?

Neptune Apex Email Notifications

I modified my APEX Controller’s email alarm setting today. 🙂 By default there is some code to notify if your temps fall above or below a certain range. There isn’t however code to tell you if one of your specific power bars/strips loses power.  I found this out yesterday as the breaker had flipped to one of the power bar’s electrical source. Everything runs normal expect what’s plugged into that power bar. The controller will however email you if the whole system/brain loses power.  So, I added the following code (in green) to the email alarm outlet so that I may be notified if there is a power failure to any of the plugged in power bars. EB8’s are Energy Bar 8 plugs.

If Temp > 80.0 Then ON
If Temp < 74.5 Then ON
If Power EB8_3 OFF 000 Then ON
If Power EB8_4 OFF 000 Then ON
If Power EB8_5 OFF 000 Then ON
There are probably a few other good things to get notifications about so I will look though the forums to find additional code.
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