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Baby Peppermint Shrimp EVERYWHERE!

Since removing the blue damselfish from the refugium, the peppermint shrimp population has exploded! There used to be a few in the rocks but now they are everywhere in the 90 gallon refuge.  I guess they aren’t quite large enough for the peacock mantis shrimp to care about.  It will be interesting to see how many of them will make it to maturity. I’d say the biggest shrimp are about 3/8 inch now.

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12-12-2010 Update Videos

Here’s an update video of the display tank and of a Peacock (Clown) Mantis Shrimp that I’m putting in the refugium.

A Couple new videos: Open Brain Coral & Peppermint Shrimp Babies

Time lapse of my open brain coral during the evening feeding. The cleaner shrimp likes to steal as much food (mostly silver sides & shrimp) as possible from the brain.

I noticed baby shrimp swimming all over the tank the other day so I grabbed the camera and saw this:

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