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Feeding the Zebra Eel – Achilles Tang NOT Helping!

Reef Club Meeting – May 2012 cont.

Here are a few more pictures from our last reef meeting (earlier post) that thought I would share. Great shots Kim!

Lyretail Anthias Goldy Marine Fish
True Percula Clownfish in Elephant Ear Mushroom

Giant Squamosa "Squami" Clam Aquarium

Pin cushion Sea Urchine with shell on his back

Red and Green Open Brain Coral

Pincushion Urchin relieving himself

When I saw a bunch of small particles flying around in the tank I thought maybe the clams were kicking up a dust storm or that maybe the cardinals had released babies into the tank, but no. The pincushion urchin had gone to the top of the tank and was relieving himself on all of his tank mates below.  Guess he doesn’t much care for them, lol.

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