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Aquarium Lighting Change – Day to Evening

Here’s the lighting change that occurs at 9 PM. I really enjoy watching the tank when only the actinic lights are on (early in the morning and late in the day).

Marine Betta, Marine Fish, Betta, Marine, Saltwater Tank


Marine Betta


Day Light, T5, Lighting


Day Light & Actinic T5s on.

Actinic, T5, Lighting, Giesemann


Actinic T5 Lights on

Rabbitfish, Actinic Lighting, T5, Reef Tank


Rabbitfish saying “Boo!”

An Hour in Water World with New Camera

Reef Tank, Marine Fish, Anthias, Lyretail Anthias

I picked up a new Sony Handycam (HDR-XR260V) for work yesterday and thought I would try it out on the reef tank for an hour. I think it did a pretty good job! Make sure to watch in HD and full screen. 🙂

Reef Tank – Morning Feeding

Happy fish in the morning!

Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis)

Here are a couple videos I took of our Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis). In the wild they use the white spot on their tail, that looks like an eye, as a defense tool.  Often they position their tail towards a threat and if it gets bit, it only looses part of its tail. This Marine Betta has been a pretty neat addition to our reef tank. They don’t get “big” as far as marine fish go and they get along with their fellow tank mates pretty well. Ours sits in a hole and peeks out until it’s feeding time then he flares up for food.

9-7-11 Tank Update Pictures

Here are a couple of update pictures of the tank that I took with my phone. The zebra eel is bigger and the marine betta is starting to come out a bit more.

Tank Update 9-7-11

Here’s the Marine Betta holding patiently still.

Marine Betta

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