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Hammer Coral Zoom In

Zoom IN!


Hammer Coral, Anchor Coral, Macro, Saltwater Tank, Saltwater Aquarium


Hammer Coral Polyps, Heads, Saltwater Tank, Coral

Big Hammer Coral, Saltwater Tank, Reef Aquarium, Reef Tank

Hammer Coral Macro

Macro view of our Hammer Coral.

Hammer Coral Macro, Anchor Coral, Saltwater Aquarium, Reef Tank

Hammer Coral Macro, Anchor Coral, Saltwater Aquarium

Aussie Doughnut Coral (Scolymia australis) Feeding

It’s very difficult to feed some of the LPS corals with their tank mates around so I built a little enclosure.  With all the flow the Vortech pumps put out I had to use something a bit more sturdy, or heavy so it didn’t get pulled/pushed over. So, I drilled small holes in a plastic container and added a piece of base rock for a little weight.

The Scoly is a slow eater so it gets most of the special treatment. I feed it a small piece of shrimp in the evening, cover it, then remove the cover in the morning to let the vultures in.

Scolymia LPS Coral Feeding

Aussie Doughnut Coral (Scolymia australis)

A short video of our Australian Doughnut Coral in the morning.  This is one of my favorite large polyp stony (LPS) corals.

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