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SURF2 Algae Scrubber Update – Week 36

36 weeks into running the SURF2 and I’m losing faith. For 9 weeks the GFO in the system has been removed. There are hints of success as algae starts to grow in the box but then it regresses. HELP! If anyone has had a great experience with the SURF2 please let me in on your secrets to success!

SURF2 Algae Scrubber Update – Week 30

SURF2 Algae Scrubber Update – Week 30




SURF2 Algae Scrubber Update – Week 27

SURF2 Algae Scrubber Update – Week 27





Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO)

Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) is a phosphate remover commonly used in the saltwater aquarium industry. I am installing a GFO reactor on my system to help keep down nuisance green hair algae. I picked this BRS dual GFO/carbon reactor and GFO media up from my local fish store. A single canister reactor is supposed to support up to 120 gallons so I’m hoping the dual canister will help put a dent in the 400ish gallons in my system. Like they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

BRS GFO Reactor Dual - Rinsing the media

After hooking up a feed pump and adding the GFO media we are about ready to go! It’s important to run 5 or so gallons through the reactor to wash off the new media.

BRS GFO Dual Reactor - Rinsing the media

Yum, GFO dust.

Bulk Reef Supply GFO Reactor - Dual

After the rinsing you want to set the flow high enough to slowly tumble the media. Turning to flow up too high will cause the GFO media to break down a bit and end up in your tank.

Fish room sump area, Skimmer, ATO, GFO Reactor

All finished!

Starting GFO Treatment for Green Hair Algae 1-30-14

I will use this photo to see if there is an progress. 🙂


BRS GFO Reactor

Got a new toy to add to the system. Hopefully this BRS GFO reactor will knock the heck out of the green hair algae in the long run. More picture when I get it set up! 🙂

BRS GFO Dual Reactor


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