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Coral Frags

Did a little “fragging” this past week. Sent a few corals up north to a new home.  I think it’s important to cut corals back to keep them healthy. Finding time to frag seems to escape my to-do list though.

Overgrown Frag Rack

I think it’s funny that I let my frag rack get this overgrown, it’s more like a coral rack now.  I just recently broke the main stalk of this acropora off as the weight was causing the rack to almost fall off. The rack’s magnets aren’t quite strong enough to support a “Coral Rack.” Remember to not let your frags grown into corals on the rack!

Overgrown Coral Frag Rack

Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral Die Off

The other day I noticed my ORP levels had jumped up 30 points, which is kind of unusual, so I began investigating.  The only thing that I could find was that my Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral (Seriatopora guttatus) frag was turning white.  My tank levels tested normal so I took the coral out of the tank. It’s a bummer to lose a coral but I would rather get it out before it caused further problems.

EcoTech Marine Coral Glue

Look what the EcoTech Marine folks sent me 
I won second place (didn’t think there was a second place) in an identification contest on EcoTech Marine’s Facebook page and they hooked me up! Thanks EcoTech Marine!

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