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Feeding Time!

Here’s a snapshot from my reef cam of noon feeding time today. The fish really enjoy their green seaweed algae!

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Making Marine Fish Food

It’s that time again.  Each time I make fish food for the saltwater tank it seems to last for about 6-8 months. Here’s a picture of the mix that I melt down, mix and then re-freeze into sheets. The mixture is made up of Lifeline green fish food as a base, formula one & two cubes, frozen cyclops, cyclop-eeze, mysis shrimp, clams, squid, 2 tbs raw chopped garlic, and a couple sheets of green seaweed. Yummy! My fish love it and it’s an easy way to keep everyone happy. I think having one mixture of food also cuts down on the potential to over feed.  I usually feed this mix in the evenings but drop in a pinch of sinking pellets in the morning and possibly some nori (depending on how feisty the tang is) at lunch time.

Making Your Own Saltwater Fish Food

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