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Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral Die Off

The other day I noticed my ORP levels had jumped up 30 points, which is kind of unusual, so I began investigating.  The only thing that I could find was that my Orange Guttatus Birdsnest Coral (Seriatopora guttatus) frag was turning white.  My tank levels tested normal so I took the coral out of the tank. It’s a bummer to lose a coral but I would rather get it out before it caused further problems.

Coral Fragging

The EcoTech Marine Facebook crew sent me a small bottle of their coral glue after winning a contest. The new EcoTech Coral glue (gel) makes fragging kind of fun actually as it cures extremely fast! I have to say that I really like it, better than my other fragging glue (BSI IC-GEL).

My friend Kelan and I did a little coral fragging this evening. I hope the montipora caps grow in a neat pattern!

Coral frags by devonmorton, on Flickr Coral fragging by devonmorton, on Flickr

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