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Chiller… check!

Current USA 1/3 hp Chiller

Well since it’s summer time and I’m starting to freak out about the heat I figured that I better test my chiller (in-line Current USA 1/3 hp). I run two A/C units during the summer, one to keep the house under 73 degrees and another for those hot days that the primary A/C can’t cut it. I tend to have about a 1.5-2 degree swing in the tank each day. During the winter months the tank usually sits between 75-77 degrees (heater kicks on at 75). Summer months usually run about 76-78 (chiller kicks on at 79). My chiller has not kicked on in probably two years so I thought I would test it to make sure it still worked. After kicking the chiller on for 30 minutes my tank dropped .5 of a degree. The new Apex controller helped me monitor temp with more precision (down to tenths of a degree) than my chiller unit could display (only whole numbers). So, I’m happy that all my cooling components seem to be working well and are ready for summer! 

You may be asking yourself what the silver box is above, it’s a bathroom exhaust fan.  Chillers put out a ton of heat when they are operating so I plumbed an exhaust fan in to push the hot air out the same window my A/C is installed in. It’s not pretty but it gets the job done!

What temps do your tanks run at gang?

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