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A True Percula Clownfish and his Giant Squamosa Clam

Clam Hosting Clownfish

Squamosa Clam, Giant Clam, Saltwater Tank, Reef Tank, Clam, Squami

Our percula clownfish has decided to take up residence in our biggest squamosa clam. I’m not too sure the clam is excited about it but it seems to put up with it. The one thing that worries me is that the clownfish rubs and cleans on certain parts of the clam’s mantle, especially any parts that protrude like the siphon. Hopefully they will get a long! But, I think I will look for something new for the clownfish to host in.

True Percula, Clownfish, Nemo

Clownfish Cookies

Saw these cookies at the Rosauers’ bakery and got a good laugh. They had rainbow trout right below them. 🙂

Clownfish Nemo Cookies

Happy True Percula Clownfish

Our clownfish (True Percula) was bobbing and weaving in and out of his elephant ear this morning.  Pretty funny to watch him “clean house.”

True Percula Clownfish in Elephant Ear Mushroom Coral

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