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I Have a Big Brain… Coral

Brain Coral

Usually this Brain Coral ( Red Wellsophyllia) isn’t as “poofed” up but something was bugging him. He’s since returned to normal size. Lots of crabs and such tend to walk over the edges.

Reef Club Meeting – May 2012 cont.

Here are a few more pictures from our last reef meeting (earlier post) that thought I would share. Great shots Kim!

Lyretail Anthias Goldy Marine Fish
True Percula Clownfish in Elephant Ear Mushroom

Giant Squamosa "Squami" Clam Aquarium

Pin cushion Sea Urchine with shell on his back

Red and Green Open Brain Coral

A Couple new videos: Open Brain Coral & Peppermint Shrimp Babies

Time lapse of my open brain coral during the evening feeding. The cleaner shrimp likes to steal as much food (mostly silver sides & shrimp) as possible from the brain.

I noticed baby shrimp swimming all over the tank the other day so I grabbed the camera and saw this:

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