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Neptune Apex Email Notifications

I modified my APEX Controller’s email alarm setting today. 🙂 By default there is some code to notify if your temps fall above or below a certain range. There isn’t however code to tell you if one of your specific power bars/strips loses power.  I found this out yesterday as the breaker had flipped to one of the power bar’s electrical source. Everything runs normal expect what’s plugged into that power bar. The controller will however email you if the whole system/brain loses power.  So, I added the following code (in green) to the email alarm outlet so that I may be notified if there is a power failure to any of the plugged in power bars. EB8’s are Energy Bar 8 plugs.

If Temp > 80.0 Then ON
If Temp < 74.5 Then ON
If Power EB8_3 OFF 000 Then ON
If Power EB8_4 OFF 000 Then ON
If Power EB8_5 OFF 000 Then ON
There are probably a few other good things to get notifications about so I will look though the forums to find additional code.

Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8

Apex Energy Bar 8

Installed two more energy bars for my Apex AquaController over the 4th of July break.  After mounting and plugging them in I began to program each outlet starting with lights, chiller & heater then eventually moving on to Cal, Alk & Mag dosing pumps.  I am really happy to get all of these components “online” with each other. I was also able to take a lot of timers and extension cords out of the system, another big plus!

Aquarium Controller – Neptune Apex

Neptune AquaController Apex System Display Unit

A couple of weeks ago I installed a Neptune System Apex AquaController unit and I must say that I am very happy with it, but for $500 I hope I would be.  I haven’t quit started to hook up my pumps and lights to the energy bar yet but the monitoring probes (temp, pH & ORP) have been working well. I also really like the iPhone app that makes my system accessible and controllable from anywhere with a signal. 🙂 The email and text alerts work very well too! I really like the scalability options, should make upgrading to another system fairly easy.

After reading the owner’s manual and doing the math it became clear that I needed two more energy bars to plug all my accessories in. I currently pull power from three different circuits so each would require it’s own energy bar (controllable power strip). I also would like to get the wireless unit to control my Ecotech VorTech MP40 pumps. So about another $500 should take care of my aquarium controlling needs… I hope.

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