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Tank Update!!!

It’s time for a tank update, lot of stuff happening! I should have probably broke this up into a couple different posts but I’ve not been on the computer much lately and still have lots of work to do.

Here are a couple update photos of the 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tank acting as the temporary home for our fish.  We actually really enjoy watching the fish and corals from above. The clams are very neat to look at too! So far the fish and corals haven’t protested the temp setup.

300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium - Temp with 90 Gallon Refugium

Temp Saltwater Aquarium - 300 Gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tank

Squamosa Clams in Temp Rubbermaid Stock Tank

Squamosa Clam

Squamosa Clam

LPS Coral, Mushrooms, SPS

In the fish room, behind the display tank, I have set up a metal rack to hold the 90 gallon refugium and 90 gallon salt mixing tank. The refugium will go up high and have a drain that drops down into the display tank (to the right). Hopefully the refuge will produce lots of bugs for the fish to eat. 🙂 We’ve also painted everything white in the fish room with Kilz primer, added some can lights, and put in a small sink and hookup for the RO/DI unit.

Metal Rack 90 Gallon Refugium & Salt Mix Stand

Saltwater Aquarium Sink

Just got the ATO (Automatic Top Off) up and running this evening. I used a small pump and a 10 gallon tank for top-off water. I also got my APEX controller back up and running on the temp system.

Auto Top Off (ATO) 10 Gallon Reservoir Tank

While building the stand we ran three new lines to the breaker box, one for lights, one for pumps, and one for the refugium area. I’m really happy to have the aquarium system on its own set of breakers.

Moving the display tank…

6 guys, a trailer, suction cups, straps and an hour of grunting we had the tank moved. We think the tank weighs around 600+ lbs. (.5 inch glass with a bit of re-enforcement glass in the bottom). Luckily everything went well although we did bust off a fitting on the bottom for one of the returns. I think I might actually cut out one overflow (right side), deleting the broken return, and rely on my VorTech MP40s to create the majority of the flow/turnover in the tank. Originally I thought I would get a lot of flow from the return pumps (2 – Mag Drive 24s) but that just didn’t happen.

Moving a Large Aquarium with Suction Cups

Strapping down the tank on the trailer

Moving a Saltwater Aquarium

Moving of the Fish Tank

After a bit more thought and my wife’s “Not to scale” disclaimer drawings (lol) we had the stand figured out. Here’s where we are now.

Saltwater Aquarium Plans/Drawings

300 Gallon Saltwater Display Tank in Progress

Saltwater Tank Canopy Doors

(tops to be installed soon!)

Next time around we should have the tops installed, tank painted and the right side overflow removed… 😉 Time for some sleep.

True Percula Clownfish

True Percula, Clownfish, Hammer Coral  True Percula, Clownfish, Nemo

Hammer Coral Zoom In

Zoom IN!


Hammer Coral, Anchor Coral, Macro, Saltwater Tank, Saltwater Aquarium


Hammer Coral Polyps, Heads, Saltwater Tank, Coral

Big Hammer Coral, Saltwater Tank, Reef Aquarium, Reef Tank

True Percula Clownfish – NEMO!

I think Nemo is taking a liking to the Hammer Coral. The Hammer is big enough that I don’t think it will mind being annoyed by a clownfish. 🙂

True Percula, Clownfish, Nemo

True Percula, Clownfish, Hammer Coral, Nemo

Reef Tank Pan Left to Right

Panning from the left to the right of the tank.


Reef Tank, Saltwater Tank, Reef Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium

Hammer Coral Macro

Macro view of our Hammer Coral.

Hammer Coral Macro, Anchor Coral, Saltwater Aquarium, Reef Tank

Hammer Coral Macro, Anchor Coral, Saltwater Aquarium

Quick Reef Tank Pan

A quick video pan from right to left of our reef tank.


Reef Tank, Saltwater Tank, Reef Aquarium, Saltwater Aquarium

Pagoda Turbinaria Coral

I really like how much motion this pagoda turbinaria coral adds to the tank. I have another one in “cup” form at the other end of the tank.

Hammer Coral is getting BIG!

Hammer Anchor Coral

A short update video of our hammer coral. I can’t believe how much it’s grown over that past couple of years!

I Have a Big Brain… Coral

Brain Coral

Usually this Brain Coral ( Red Wellsophyllia) isn’t as “poofed” up but something was bugging him. He’s since returned to normal size. Lots of crabs and such tend to walk over the edges.

Bubbles in My Aquarium

Staghorn Acropora slime bubbles

I came home from work the other day and noticed the Automatic Top Off (ATO) did not turn on which caused my sump level to run low thus causing my return pumps to pull in some air.  The tank was pretty full of micro bubbles and lots of coral slime. Soon as I triggered the ATO life was good again.

Reef Club Meeting – May 2012

Here a few shots taken from our local reef club (NWMRC – threads) meeting this past weekend that we hosted.  We discussed a bit about tanks and controllers but mainly I think people were hungry. 🙂

Thanks to all who showed up for the BBQ and a special thanks to Charlie for taking photos!

Happy but Skeptical Fish :)

Thought I would post up a recent video of my happy, but skeptical fish.

Achilles Tang (Acanthurus achilles), Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis), Lyretail Anthias (Pseudanthias squamipinnis)

Part 2

Aussie Doughnut Coral (Scolymia australis) Feeding

It’s very difficult to feed some of the LPS corals with their tank mates around so I built a little enclosure.  With all the flow the Vortech pumps put out I had to use something a bit more sturdy, or heavy so it didn’t get pulled/pushed over. So, I drilled small holes in a plastic container and added a piece of base rock for a little weight.

The Scoly is a slow eater so it gets most of the special treatment. I feed it a small piece of shrimp in the evening, cover it, then remove the cover in the morning to let the vultures in.

Scolymia LPS Coral Feeding

Aussie Doughnut Coral (Scolymia australis)

A short video of our Australian Doughnut Coral in the morning.  This is one of my favorite large polyp stony (LPS) corals.

NWMRC Meeting – Charlie Ehler’s 300 gallon SPS Tank – Part 2

Just wanted to follow up from the first post and put up some pictures. Charlie had a lot of various Acropora and Montipora corals in his system.


NWMRC Meeting – Charlie Ehler’s 300 gallon SPS Tank – Part 1

Here are a few videos from our last Northwest Montana Reef Club (NWMRC) meeting (2-11-2012). Charlie Ehler was nice enough to host our meeting at his house up the Fleathead. Hope you enjoy his 300 gallon SPS reef tank! More pictures to come.

Open Brain Coral Time Lapse Video

I came across this time lapse video I took of my open brain coral (Red Wellsophyllia) a while ago, thought I would share.

Brain Coral Pictures

A few shots of the corals this morning under actinic lighting. The looked happy :).

Hammer Coral Growth

I was just looking through some old pictures and saw a picture of our hammer coral when we first got it. Wow, it has grown over the past 2.5 years!

Then (6-1-2009 post)

Now (1-31-2012)

Hammer/Anchor Coral

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