Plumbing the Refugium

A few pictures of plumbing the refugium.

100 Gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tank Aquarium Sump

Old PVC from the return pump on the right.

PVC Distribution Manifold

New PVC Distribution Manifold

PVC Ball Valve Aquarium Return

Aquarium Sump Return Area

Running the line under the tank and down to the far wall, then through the wall to the left.

Refugium Pluming

Running the 3/4 ” feed line through the wall.

Refuge Plumbing

Up over the door opening.

Refugium PVC Plumbing

Back to the other side of the wall.

90 Gallon Refugium Plumbing

The refugium will be feed on the left side then drain down to the tank on the right side.

90 Gallon Saltwater Refugium

Refuge and saltwater mixing tank in place.

Refugium Return Pluming

The 2″ PVC pipe flows over and dumps into the top of the display tank.

Refugium feeds the aquarium

The drop into the tank. Good place for the fish to wait for pods.

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