Cleaning the Aquarium Chiller

It’s been 6-8 months since I had the chiller (1/3 HP Current USA) hooked up on the system. I figured I better take the case off and visually check it for leaks and other issues.  Turns out there was a small leak in the unit where the temperature probe goes in. Since I’m using an Apex controller now I do not need the temp unit so I pulled it out and sealed it up. Running some H2O through it also flushed out some tube worms that took up residence inside the cooling/UV sterilizing area. Hopefully I won’t have to use the chiller as it has not been needed in the past couple of years.

1/3 HP Saltwater Aquarium Chiller - Current USA

1/3 HP Current USA Aquarium Chiller w/o case.

1/3 Horse Power Saltwater Aquarium Chiller - Current USA

1/3 HP Reef Aquarium Chiller - Current USA

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