Aquarium Overflow Box Standpipe DIY

At the last house this tank was set up using bio balls in each one of the overflow boxes to limit noise. This time I decided not to use bio balls and boy let me tell you, I had a small Niagara Falls in my basement! I could hear the bassy tones all the way upstairs. So, here’s my attempt at making a 2 inch PVC standpipe to quite the tank.

PVC Elbow for Aquarium Standpipe

2″ PVC Elbow for the standpipe that is in the overflow box.

Inside of an Aquarium Overflow Box

Looking down inside the overflow box. Didn’t have much room to install that stand pipe, especially when half of the overflow box opening is covered by a cross brace.

Tight fit overflow box standpipe

Putting the standpipe together was a tight fit! I had to use an elbow to get around the return line. I also had to cut the sides of the PVC fitting to squeeze them into place.


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