T5 Light Hanger Change & Mantis Shrimp Cave

Reef Tank Update Photo – Front by devonmorton, on Flickr

Just getting ready to change out my T5 bulbs.

Also changing the way the T5’s sit on the tank. Replacing the blocks of wood for a hanging system as I think it will make it a little easier to clean salt creep. 

Old T5 Lighting Stands by devonmorton, on Flickr

Wooden Dowel Hanger by devonmorton, on Flickr

T5 Lights Hung Up – Front by devonmorton, on Flickr

Then Shelby and I went to Lowe’s today to get the mantis shrimp a new cave/maze system. I also found out that our mantis shrimp wasn’t a peacock mantis shrimp but a gonodactylaceus ternatensis, try saying that 3 times fast, or just once…

Gonodactylaceus ternatensis by devonmorton, on Flickr

So I think I am going to move some rock around in the fuge to place his new cave system:

Mantis Shrimp Maze by devonmorton, on Flickr

More pictures later after I install the above in the refugium.

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