Bubbles in My Aquarium

Staghorn Acropora slime bubbles

I came home from work the other day and noticed the Automatic Top Off (ATO) did not turn on which caused my sump level to run low thus causing my return pumps to pull in some air.  The tank was pretty full of micro bubbles and lots of coral slime. Soon as I triggered the ATO life was good again.

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  1. Do micro bubbles cause any kind of problems or are they just an eyesore? I’ve never seen a tank with bubbles like that before.

  2. Well, you are probably only going to see these in a saltwater tank. I’m pretty sure freshwater won’t support the smaller “micro” bubbles. The corals don’t like them and so they slime up and the bubbles stick to the slime eventually pulling the slime off the coral and up to the surface. I have not noticed a problem with the bubbles but I’m sure it stresses the corals as they do not look happy.

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