Overgrown Frag Rack

I think it’s funny that I let my frag rack get this overgrown, it’s more like a coral rack now.  I just recently broke the main stalk of this acropora off as the weight was causing the rack to almost fall off. The rack’s magnets aren’t quite strong enough to support a “Coral Rack.” Remember to not let your frags grown into corals on the rack!

Overgrown Coral Frag Rack

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  1. How fast do the frags grow? Does it take them a long time, or do they grow relatively fast?

  2. The frags grow just low enough that you forget they are growing. The next thing you know they are growing to the darn rack and warring with each other. These have been growing for a few months, the larger one that broke off, a bit longer.

  3. Wow! cool blog. I am just starting a new aquarium and am blogging about it! check it out and feel free to leave me a tip or two 🙂

  4. Will do, thanks for stopping by!

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