Springtime is here, switching gears…

Alright, springtime is here and I will be switching gears a bit.

I have a few other summertime hobbies that I partake in which I will try to update here: 68 Camaro Reanimation Blog, MT Hunting & Fishing Blog

As for the tank, I will post if something cool or dramatic happens. For the most part, all summer I get a little OCD about the house temperature which directly correlates to the tank’s temp.  I do have a chiller installed on my system but after the first summer of running it, I found that it was easier to adjust the room temperature to keep the tank happy. When the chiller runs it does its job but the heat it puts off warms up the house, which in turn  heats the tank back up. During most of the year my tank runs 75 degrees but during the summer it jumps up to 77-78 degrees. I think at the 83 degree mark acroporas begin to have complications, so let’s stay out of that range!

I can’t wait for the day that I can sink a tank into the wall and have a climate controlled fish room, Shelby would really like that too!  That way she doesn’t have to see all my fish stuff. 🙂

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  1. Totally know what you mean about wanting something ‘in wall’ hiding all the stuff. At one point I was running about 15 power cables for various things, all with a cable that was too long.

  2. Your blog is great, and I will be following your Camaro postings as well ( I once had a ’67 Rally Sport).
    I loved the way you actually go fishing to remove a fish from your tank…absolutely brilliant.

  3. Whatever gets the job done! Fishing seemed to make sense. What were the specs on your 67 RS?

  4. It was all stock, a 327 with a 4 speed. Holly 4 barrel as I recall. More car than I deserved to own. I stupidly sold it because I couldn’t afford the 60 cent per gallon gas at 7 MPG. But I sold it for more than I paid! And I won’t say how much that was or we will both be sick.

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