Skimmer Collection Cup Overflowing Because of Filter Pads

Last week a strange thing happened when I was changing my filter pads.  My Reef Octopus Skimmer’s collection cup began to overflow after I changed out the filter pads.  This week I thought I would film the process to see if it happened again… it did.  I use Marine Depot’s Emperor Aquatics Super Filter Felt 50 micron pads for small particles and Lifegard Aquatics Bonded (blue) Filter Pads for large particles. I think that one, or both, of the pads actually increase the water’s surface tension temporarily when added to the system.  The increased surface tension would keep the skimmer’s bubbles from popping. When it happened last week I turned the recirculating skimmer pumps off to see if the water level was running high, but it was normal. Must be the pads.

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