Reef Tank Dosing Containers – Revised

So I’ve been dosing Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) additives to my reef tank for about a year (1st Dosing post).  There is one place that I messed up!  The water containers that I used to dose my calcium, alkalinity and magnesium solution didn’t “cut the mustard.”  Specifically, the alkalinity solution didn’t like the containers and found a way to crack the container and leak, twice. The first time it leaked I wrote it off as my mistake and replace the container with a new one, but I placed a short plastic shoe/boot mat under the containers for future spills 🙂 . The other night I looked in and noticed that the plastic shoe/boot mat was full of solution and getting ready to spill over. Luckily it was a small crack, or slow leak, and I was able to catch it. I think I am going to switch to plastic gas cans. Anything that’s made to handle hazardous liquids like gas should be able to handle alkalinity solution, right? The water containers are made out of pretty hard plastic so I think a more forgiving plastic will be better.

I’ve also realized that it’s easier to make a gallon of solution and add it to the five gallon (or whatever size) container as you go rather than make five gallons at a time (duh). So I’m stuck with 1 gallon containers for a little bit until I get new ones.

Reef Aquarium Tank Dosing Containers

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