Anglerfish (Frogfish) in the Refugium

Over the past couple of years we have tried to put different creatures in our 90 gallon refugium, usually creatures that do best when kept alone.  One of the first creatures we tried to keep in our refugium was an anlerfish also know as a frogfish (later trying an octopus and peacock mantis shrimp).  I’d say that an anglerfish was a great addition to our refuge except for the fact that they died :(. I think it had something to do with the intense lighting I had set up for growing chaetomorpha algae. Both were eating well from a feeding stick. Here are a few pictures from when the Anglers were in the refuge.

Red Anglerfish

Wartskin Anglerfish (below)

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  1. Those things are gnarly looking!

  2. They are indeed! It’s fun to watch them “fish.”

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