Brain Coral Pictures

A few shots of the corals this morning under actinic lighting. The looked happy :).

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  1. What kind of corals are these? From my research so far I’ve come to like mushroom corals. These look kinda’ similar, are these mushrooms or some other type of coral?

  2. That lighting really makes the colors stand out. I love it. I have not done much research on lighting, but am thinking I want to supplement my LEDs with something like this.

  3. These brain corals are types of Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals. During the night they put tentacles out to feed. The have a stony skeleton that the tissue is attached to, unlike a mushroom.

  4. Actinic lighting makes the coral colors really jump out, I love it. You definately need to have more intense lighting if you plan to keep any SPS corals, softies/leathers not so much. Lighting can get pretty expensive but it determines what you can keep in your tank as far as corals go.

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