EcoTech Marine Coral Glue

Look what the EcoTech Marine folks sent me 
I won second place (didn’t think there was a second place) in an identification contest on EcoTech Marine’s Facebook page and they hooked me up! Thanks EcoTech Marine!

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  1. I am looking at ordering some of this. I just got a Kenya Tree and it does not want to stay standing up. I am thinking I need to fix it to a tile. Your thoughts?

  2. I would say the glue would do the trick and also work for any fragging you may eventually do. One a side note, I’ve spent 3 years trying to get the Kenya Tree out of my system, they spread quickly so be ready!

  3. One other thought, does the Kenya Tree have have some gravel or something stuck to the bottom of it? Most of the stalks seem to grab onto something that the glue should hold on to.

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