Reef Octopus 6″ Recirculating Skimmer DDNW-150-6530B

Took out my Prizm Pro Skimmer this weekend and put in a Reef Octopus 6″ Recirculating Skimmer (DDNW-150-6530B). I used the Prizm Pro for about 3.5 years (as long as the tank has been running) and it worked well but I wanted to try a recirculating skimmer. I like the thought of not having to use a big feed pump to get the skimmer to work efficiently. The Reef Octopus is already producing some “great stuff” and I’m impressed by how quiet it is! 🙂

12/17/11 Update:  The skimmer is doing great, still very quiet.

1/2/12 Update: Happy New Year!  I think the skimmer has finished breaking in. I’ve got it cranked up to the highest water level (you can see the levels in the picture) and it’s cleaning quite well.  I did notice that when I turn off the skimmer, tank water flushes back up the air intake pipes to the muffler and sometimes pops out of the top, causing a little mess but not a big deal. Still very happy with the skimmer 🙂

Reef Octopus Skimmer DDNW-150-6530B


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