Saltwater Aquarium Update 10-23-11 – 3.5 years

Just got done changing all the T5 Giesemann bulbs out in my Tek Lights after 1 year 2 months of use. It’s been about a month since I changed the MH XM bulbs out in my Current USA fixture. The tank is about 3.5 years old now (set up 3/1/2008). Looks a little different from the above header picture taken 1/15/2010.

Battling a green hair algae cycle right now but hopefully a new skimmer will help. Reef Octopus recirculating skimmer is on the way! Oh and added a radiant wrasse (bottom right) to the tank that has been a really neat addition. Our Teardrop clam died last month and I’m pretty sure it was due to pyramid snails. We are hoping the wrasse will do his job and help keep the population down!

Tank Update 10-23-11

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